Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

For those of you who haven’t heard (and we certainly hope you have), we’re kicking off our second leg of our mentorship pilot program where MHS Alumni can make a real impact on their alma mater and mentor current students. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can get involved in making a difference.

  • The mentorship pilot program will focus on 9th graders at MHS and will start in November, when the First Quarter ends.
  • The mentorship program will have to operate during after school hours (3:15 PM-4:30 PM). We need to remember we are doing this on students’ time. If we want them to attend, keeping it within after school hours is a must.
  • The mentorship program will meet every week to start, and will become less intensive as the school year goes on (i.e. to take the training wheels off). The sessions will be one hour long, and one day per month will be a half hour session with the student, followed by a half hour session with the Mentorship Coordinator for check-in.
  • All mentors MUST be fingerprinted by the NYC Department of Education. In order for mentors to work and be alone with students, this is absolutely necessary. The cost for this is $135.
    • If you have been fingerprinted by the DoE before, great! They still have your prints on record, so you won’t need to pay a fee.
  • Since this is still a pilot program, the students will evaluate the program in the middle of and at the conclusion so we can measure progress and make adjustments needed.
  • We will set up a way for students to come in with a set of goals to work toward. These will largely be academic. We will work with mentors to help students create these goals during our training.
  • The process we’ve set up so far is as follows:
    • Step 1: Mentors will sign up for the program and meet with the Mentorship Coordinator and Mr. McEvoy (his schedule permitting).
    • Step 2: Mentors will be nominated to get fingerprinted by the NYC DOE.
    • Step 3: The school will then handpick the 9th grade students to potentially match with mentors.
    • Step 4a: Permission forms will be sent to the potential students’ parents. These forms will need to be returned no more than 2 weeks after they are sent out.
    • Step 4b: We will simultaneously be meeting with mentors for training and help further structure the program. This will include information on how to break the ice with the mentee, how to recognize signs of danger, knowing whom to report to should these issues occur, and so on.
    • Step 5: The permission forms will be returned and the program will begin!

Any alumnus who has graduated from Millennium High School is encouraged to sign up. Please follow this link to sign up for the program if you’re interested.

You’ll be part of an initiative that will strengthen our bonds with Millennium High School and the students that attend it.

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